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    Pure, nature derived oil blends, no additives or preservatives. The healthy fragrance choice 🌸

My unique aromatherapy oils are specifically blended with the intention to enchant your senses and bring you peace, harmony and equilibrium. I use only the finest, ethically sourced, essential oils in a base of pure, organic jojoba oil so they are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. These convenient, easy to use roller bottles are helpful little companions to relieve stress, promote relaxation, aid focus and enhance your yoga or meditation practice. (I choose to use *organic oils whenever possible)

Roller bottle essential oil blends are easy to use: Apply to wrists, pulse points, backs of the ears, temples, and/or collar bones. Breathe in and enjoy :) Perfect to keep by your yoga mat, desk, bedside, or in your purse for a pick me up or stress reliever anytime!

*Personalized custom blending is available with a private consultation - email me 


* shake gently before use and keep away from sun and heat 


* recommended to do a test patch first 


Made with L💗VE

A Note on Essential Oil Safety and Care


Essential oils are highly concentrated and mine have been carefully blended and diluted in a carrier oil for immediate use on the skin. However their safe usage still requires that they be treated with care and respect. They should be kept away from sunlight and heat to prolong their longevity and quality and kept away from children as they can be particularly dangerous if ingested.


Some further precautions: 
   •    Skin test first before first use. Apply to the skin on your inner arm, do not use if redness or irritation occurs.
   •    For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.
   •    If redness, burning, itching or irritation occur, stop using oils immediately.
   •    All citrus oils make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light. Do not go out into the sun or tan with these oils on your skin.

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