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"Sissy is my favorite yoga instructor of all time - and I’ve tried a lot! Her classes provide the perfect amount of workout and relaxation so I truly look forward to spending the time with her to nourish and stretch. She explains poses really well and has a deep knowledge of the workings of the inner body and how yoga applies to specific areas like the hips and shoulders. Plus, she is an absolute joy of a person and genuinely cares about her students. I’m so glad I discovered Sissy’s classes many years ago and now have the opportunity to work with her virtually." – Jamie Kelly

"I’ve practiced yoga under Sissy’s guidance for close to 10 years. I had the privilege of taking her class in the Manhattan studio. Not only was I nurtured by her soothing, magician-like voice, but also with her healing touch accompanied by her luxurious rose and lavender oil scents, which she developed herself. She is an expert Reiki practitioner who heals with her positive energy; a master yoga instructor whether in person or virtually (I’ve experienced both). Sissy will take your practice to a whole other level. Give yourself the gift of experiencing yoga with Sissy. You will feel rejuvenated and energized!" – Natasha Sparkle

"Sissy is a one of a kind yoga instructors. Her yoga instruction is exceptional and she is thoughtful, committed, and provides a positive environment in her online classes. You will leave her classes both relaxed and full of positive energy. You will have a great experience when you try one of her classes!" – Sharon Benjamin

"My bad back and neck are very improved since I began Sissy's yoga classes. Each class is well thought out and presented with clarity.  I also appreciate that she does all the poses with us, so if need be, I can look at her to be sure I am doing the pose correctly.  Love her wonderful personality and caring manner." – Judith Stanton

"Hi I’ve been taking Sissy’s class on and off for several years especially after Yoga works closed. It was a difficult time because my community was so affected by losing our home. Working with her has taught me to be a different kind of person and learning so much about yoga which is now transferred to zoom. She brought a great deal of peace into my life and taught me a great deal about discipline and patience I miss her very much. And adores how she mad essential oils" – Lisa Thurlow

"I took classes with Sissy for several years before I moved away a few years ago and wasn't able to attend her classes any longer. It was a joy for me when Sissy began her online classes. She has made it so convenient for everyone with her live classes, which are also taped for you to do at any time. So many from which to chose. Sissy is the most informative and educational instructor I have ever had. To take a class with Sissy is to come away with a sense of peace and calm and a positive energy in which to share with others. Not only is Sissy a great instructor, she is a very caring, beautiful soul." – Anita Coia

"I can not speak highly enough of Sissy! I was *a little* out of shape when she introduced me to yoga years ago. She was so patient and supportive along my journey and now I can even do my own practice... although I still join her classes whenever I can! And it's SO cool that you can practice with her right through her website from the comfort of you living room :) THANK YOU, SISSY!" – Dougie Lux

"Sissy's classes are the highlight of my week! She always knows exactly what I need. She is thoughtful with her flow and clear how she explains each pose. She is a great teacher for experienced and beginner yogi's alike!" – Heather Marks

"I highly recommend practicing Yoga with Sissy St. John. Great for beginners as well as for advanced poses. Clear and mindful explanation , live online classes as well as recorded ones. Great companion for body mind and soul." – Jacopa Stinchelli

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