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Teaching Styles

Beginners / Gentle (Tues. & Fri. class)

Designed to introduce students to yoga through slow and gentle stretches and movements. Repetition is key here as we start to lay the foundation for an open body and calmer mind. Better breathing and increased awareness are emphasized. Also ideal for those coming back to yoga or working with limitations.

Tuesday Posture & Back Care

Gentle with a little bit of challenge. Start your day off right by awakening the body with slow, mindful movements to improve flexibility and poses that help build strength and enhance mental focus. This class focuses on the muscles that help support our posture creating both the stability and mobility we need to age gracefully. Standing poses, core work and balancing are all incorporated into this practice.


Gentle Floor-Based Stretches

An ideal practice to increase flexibility and range of motion.This gentle style class consists of slow, mindful movements and floor-based stretches. Through slightly longer holds the body gets a chance to relax as the muscles lengthen and connective tissue is nourished and hydrated. *Minimal weight bearing.

Sunday Slow Flow 

A fun, well-rounded, flow style practice that starts slow, builds to a peak and then ends nice and slow with calming stretches. Unique sequencing, exploratory movements and arm balances add challenge and playfulness. Students are regularly reminded to listen to their own bodies and adapt, modify, omit or rest as needed. Practice always culminates with Savasana, deep relaxation, to absorb the practice and integrate the "information" for body, mind and spirit. 

Rest Your Bones ~ Specialty Class

A soothing combination of gentle movement, Yin postures (deep stretching) and Restoratives. An opportunity to rest and reset the body and mind. Props are used and encouraged in this class for your optimal comfort..

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very calming and grounding practice consisting of longer-held (3-5 min), passive poses that target the deepest connective tissues of the body in order to increase circulation in the joints and improve overall flexibility and range of motion. An ideal practice to release accumulated tension in both the body and mind. Beneficial to all levels of practitioners. 

Restorative & Therapeutic

This type of Yoga will restore and reset your body and mind back into a place of harmony and equilibrium. Restful and supportive postures are held with the help of props encouraging the body to relax and open, enabling a profound sense of inner peace and quietude. Gentle stretches, meditation and aromatherapy are also incorporated. Ideal for times of stress, when you are recovering from an injury, working with a physical limitation or are simply low on energy.

Please feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions or to find out about Pre/Postnatal care.

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