Since I was a little girl I have always had a natural affinity of aroma-mixing, creating concoctions in the bath and arranging fresh floral bouquets around the house. I realized at this early age how certain scents could impact people in a positive way, uplift someone's mood and provide a calming effect as well. With a botanist Father, I was put in charge of gathering flowers from our expansive garden. Inhaling the sweet, varied perfumes began my love of aromatherapy.
Plants and flowers are incredible gems of nature that can uplift the spirit, calm nerves, help promote better sleep, ease digestion, balance hormones and have the magic to melt stress away. My organic essential oil blends are carefully created using only the finest oils, and can be used as a light perfume, to accompany your yoga or meditation practice, enjoyed during bath time ritual, or anytime during your day to bring you back to a place of harmony and equilibrium.  

My intention and passion for creating this unique collection of aromatherapy products is to transport you to a heavenly garden of aromatic qualities, enveloping you in peace and a feeling of well-being.

Each creation, elegant, exquisite, pure, is sure to enchant the senses, elevate the mind and set your spirit free.

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