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Affirmations for a Positive Mindset

Check in: How is your mind right now?

We have the remarkable ability to elevate our own minds and rewire our brains through mindfulness and the power of positive thinking.

Both on and off the mat affirmations can be extremely helpful in establishing a focused and positive mindset. I find it helpful to keep a few affirmations by my computer so I am reminded of them regularly throughout the day :)

Here are some of my favorite I invite you to try:

I am open to receive whatever it is I need today.

I trust the timing of my life.

I am grateful for...

I am confident in my abilities.

Everything is unfolding perfectly for my greatest good.

I am strong and capable of dealing with whatever comes my way today.

I have abundance :)

Today is a new day full of possibilities.

I can start again from where I am.

I honor and trust my own inner wisdom.

There is no urgency in this moment.

My feelings are allowed to be here.

I deserve to take time for self-care.

I inspire others by being myself.

I breathe in INSPIRATION - I breathe out any NEGATIVITY that’s weighing me down.

You believe what you tell yourself! Stay positive and make it a great day!

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Thank you for this inspiration!!!

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