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Yoga for a Healthy Back & Better Posture Workshop

“The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yoga for a Healthy Back & Better Posture



You know the saying,'re only as young as your spine is flexible.

Your spine is your life, the highway to our brain, what holds the nervous system and keeps all the neural connections properly functioning, arguably the most important part of you. Sadly we do not give it the proper attention it needs on a consistent basis and it cries out to us - MOVE ME, stretch me, strengthen me so I can better support you in all that you do!

Our day to day lifestyle, too much time sitting, staring at screens, and certainly overall stress can play a huge part in the health of our spine. We all need to spend some time each day moving the spine in all it's various directions to keep it mobile, fluid and pain free.

This workshop is for you if you you wake up stiff or sore in the morning, bending over is painful or challenging, you sit or stand for long periods of time, you carry a lot of tension in your neck shoulders, you would like to improve your posture and enhance your energy!

I will be guiding you through a practice to stretch as well as strengthen the entire back. Expect plenty of floor stretches, core work, psoas awareness, gentle but effective backbending and some standing postures.

Symptoms that could indicate imbalances around the spine:

  • Lower back pain/ achiness

  • Weak core muscles

  • Stiffness in your upper back, neck & shoulders

  • Tightness in the hips, psoas, hamstrings

  • Sciatica

This functional workshop will teach you how to:

  • Decrease your back and neck pain

  • Bring more awareness to the muscles that surround the spine

  • Make space between the intervertebral discs

  • Work intelligently within your own body

  • Improve your overall posture

The spine needs maintenance to stay supple and strong - the spine is what enables us to move freely, and keep dancing! Moving our spine daily allows better circulation to not just the intervertebral discs but also to all our organs. Maintaining the suppleness of our spine is essential for a better quality of life!

Beginner friendly :)


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