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25 Mantras for Self-Love

Mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated often to help focus and calm the mind. It originally comes from two Sanskrit words: “man,” meaning mind; and “tra,” meaning vehicle or instrument – a tool to transport the mind from a state of activity or agitation to one of spaciousness and stillness.Traditional mantras are considered sacred vehicles for the mind to rest on that offer protection and keep the mind free of negative or unnecessary thoughts.

Mantras can be a Sanskrit word or words such as Om, or Shanti (peace), SoHum (or HumSa) or an English word or phase such as calm, peace and can also double as affirmations. The idea is the same, giving your mind something to focus on, along with the breath as a way of anchoring attention and shifting mental states.

Let’s face it, we can be pretty hard on ourselves. We are constantly repeating mantras to ourselves but usually they are not the positive ones! Those repetitive tapes that reinforce a sense of false self can really bring us down. Regularly repeating words of of self-love and encouragement can help quiet that harsh inner-critic, raise our vibration, our mood and energy and increase our feeling of well-being and inner joy.

Rest a hand gently over your heart and offer yourself some care and compassion throughout your day as you repeat your mantra. Try picking one and sticking with it for a week, then try another. Notice the effect it has on you.

Whatever we practice regularly we reinforce.

1. I am enough.

2. I am loved.

3. I believe in me.

4. I release the past.

5. I can change my mind.

6. I give myself permission to learn and grow (that includes making mistakes!).

7. I got this.

8. I am resilient.

9. I am filled with goodness.

10. I can start again.

11. I am not my stress (emotions/ thoughts).

12. Each step counts.

13. I am doing my best.

14. I breathe in courage and exhale doubt (fear, anxiety, frustration).

15. I am the architect of my life.

16. My self-worth is not determined by my productivity.

17. Everything I need is already contained within me.

18. I have patience and faith on my journey.

19. I deserve time for self-care.

20. I can reach for a higher thought.

21. I surround myself with loving, supportive people.

22. I am worthy of the purest love.

23. I am a sea of infinite possibilities.

24. There is an oasis of peace within me (my breath transports me there).

25. I love you “YOUR NAME” (it helps if you imagine yourself as your child version). The harder it is the more you need to do it!

Please take exceptional care of your sweet self.

Keep healthy boundaries - say no more often, let go of guilt, forgive yourself and keep moving forward! Honor your energy and cherish the uniqueness of all that you are.

You are amazing, there is only one of YOU in this great big world! You are here for a reason…..go on and glow! Make the world a brighter place with your full presence.

The Divine sparkle in me recognizes the Divine sparkle in you :)



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